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December 28, 2014

How to Enjoy 4 season in Japan for only a week !

Do you want to know how to get all of those picture in japan for only a week?
It was began when i dreamed to see Cherry blossom in Japan. Full bloom is usually in late March or early April  but  the Air fare ticket is also very expensive & Hotel is usually full booked during that time. I couldn't afford it so i changed my plan to go there on 20-27 April 2014. My decision was damn right! Why? i'll tell what happen during late April.....

1. Tateyama Kurobe alpens route snow Corridor is currently Open

Tateyama Kurobe on April. i found my first snow here

Snow Corridor
Winter is identical with snow. i never saw snow in my life before i went to Japan so it is my first snow. Based on information from internet, There is a mountain called Tateyama Kurobe still had snow on the top. The mountain route connects Toyama city with Omachi by various means of transportation including Troley Bus, Rope Bus, Cablecar and Train. You can go up from Toyama or Omachi. I used Toyama as my starting point. I resume how i go from Toyama City to Omachi

how to go up from Toyama
Toyama chiho railroad > Tateyama Cable car > Tateyama Highland bus 

Go down to Omachi
Tateyama tunnel Trolley Bus > Tateyama Ropeway > Kurobe Cable car >Kanden Tunnel Trolley car> Local Bus

quite complicated and expensive (it cost 10000 JPY for one way Toyama-Omachi) but believe me, it's worth it. During December through April, Section between Tateyama statsion and Ogiza is closed due to inaccessible. Snow cover the whole way to go there. The route is usually opened in mid or late april especially in Tateyama snow corridor. It is an 20 metre ice wall and we can walk along the wall. it's just perfect that i went there in late April!

For complete story, just follow below link

2. Cherry Blossom in Fujiyama and Takayama is in full bloom but it is tricky

Cherry Blossom in Takayama

Enjoying cheery blossom in the city is too mainstream, let's go to the small town. No cherry blossom is in capital city like Tokyo, Osaka or Kyoto in Late April. It is gone already. I felt so hopeless. The main reason why i went to Japan is cheery blossom. i didn't where to go until i knew that there are some cities which was in still full bloom. I need to go to north or go up to the mountain where the temperature is still comfortable for cherry blossom. , Full bloom is came late in Cities in north area like in Tohoku and Hokkaido rather than in the south. It was to far from where i stayed so that one was not my option. I preferred to go to higher place like Takayama or Fujiyama...and i went both! 

Takayama is a city in the mountainous Hida Refion of Gifu Perfecture. Takayama is 4 hours from Nagoya by train. The town is small but awesome. Japanesse traditional cultures is well maintain there rather han in big cities. everyone was very humble and kind. The Architecture brought me to the period where Oda nobunaga was being unite whole Japan. I enjoyed full bloom on the famous bridge in town. it's just perfect.

Cherry blossom and Zhibazakura beside Kawaguchiko, Fujiyama

Other place where i enjoyed cherry blossom was in Fujiyama. it's 3776 meters height and the highest mountain in Japan. There are 5 Lakes around Fujiyama, Kawaguchiko, Saiko, Yamanakako, Shojiko and Motosuko. I only went to Kawaguchiko since it is accessible by local train. I didn't expect that i could find cherry blossom there but it was happened! If you go there in early May, you can also enjoy zhibazakura festival.  

tips : Always track the forecast to enjoy late cherry blossom! Japan-guide.com always give some update for the cherry blossom forecast

For complete story, just follow below link

3. Enjoying Autumn Colour in Yoshinoyama eventhouh it's not Fall

Fall?? no... it was during Spring, Yoshinoyama
Impossible to see Autumn leaves during Spring. Spring and Fall is always fight. That's why winter come to arbitrate them...just my fake myth. I didnt believe it. I went to Yoshinoyama by train for 3 hour from Osaka and walked for 1 hours to viewpoint. Long journey and I was almost lost. I just want to say "Impossible become possible" after reached the place. Yoshino is a town in Nara perfecture. In 2004 Yoshino was designated in UNESCO world Heritage site. The place is also famous as one of most Japan cherry blossom viewspot. Just few cherry blossom was bloomed when i came but i got scenery like during fall.  The scenery wasn't made by autumn leaves but by baby leaves which it's colour is not dark. Other Leaves has red colour during its young period. Some Cherry blossom (not many) also give different colour. All of them mixed and gave me The colourful Scenery

For complete story, just follow below link

4. Summer scenery but you fell cold
Summer is green and hot but  it is already green, Arashiyama, Kyoto 
Bambo Forest, Arashiyama
Arashiyama is just 15 minutes from center of Kyoto. You can go there by bus or train for cheap option. Arashiyama is famous for its autumn leaves and cherry blossom. The scenery is awesome during that season. Too bad, i couldn't see that since i went there in late april. Arashiyama has wide area to explore but it's still comfortable by walking. I and my friends just walked without direction. there is a Bamboo forest there. i felt like in Summer when i was in Bamboo forest. I think Summer will come in July or August  but the forest is already green colour. Summer is very hot but i felt so cold today.

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