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June 4, 2014

Mount bromo, Ijen crater and baluran national park trip

Mount Bromo
Mount bromo is located in East Java, 2 hour by car from Surabaya, Indonesia. Tourist usually go to pananjakan before dawn because they want to see the most beautiful sunrise scenery, golden sunrise. Welcome to Bromo
Scenery on Pananjakan. The famous spot to see Bromo when sunrise. You can see Mount Semeru from here
On Bromo Crater, you can see everything here. The land is filled by grey sand.
The horse rider can be found in this place
Ijen Crater
Ijen crater is located in Banyuwangi, East Java or 4 hour by car from Surabaya. it is famous with its blue fire which can be seen in 2 places in the world and mount Ijen is one of it.. You can see the blue fire at night and the scenery on day is also breathtaking!
Blue colored crater 

Local people who mine sulphur. The activity is very dangerous but it's the only way they can do to earn money

The land above the cloud

Baluran National Park
It's called Africa van Java, the widest savana in Java island. some animal is protected in this place, like "banteng jawa". that's why you can't explore the whole area
Africa van Java


  1. Foto2nya bagus mas, Salam dari Banyuwangi :)

    1. Terimakasih mas. jawa timur tempatnya emang bagus2! sayang ga dapet blue fire nya ini..kesiangan